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Release Date: 8th of December, 2017
Catalogue Number: AT0044
Format: Digital / CD

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While most musical artists likely share the same breathing space as they carve out a musical identity for themselves, PreCog has had to rely on a long-distance relationship.

Uploading ideas forged in isolation, each member brings their individual musical landscapes and histories to the fore, creating their unique comradery and distinctive sound.

The long awaited follow up to the band’s impressive 2016 debut album Are We Lost?; their sophomore release Pareidolia showcases not only the band’s continued evolution and progression, but their ability to write and produce track after track of driving, anthemic dark electronica.

Pareidolia wraps itself in lush synth and piano work and dark lilting vocals, punctuated with blistering guitar rhythms and melodies that are as urgent as they are hard to ignore.

The band sum up the album’s inspiration and influences in their own words:

Pareidolia is a reflection on our brains weird desire to create order, peace, and tranquillity out of the chaos that surrounds us. From the things we see to the music we hear, each one of us connects different lines to different dots that leads to a completely different experience.

When writing the album, we did have a few things specifically in mind, but have decided to keep them to ourselves in hopes that the listener will develop their own experience from our album and take away something truly unique.”