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Release Date: 10th of April, 2020
Catalogue Number: AT0093
Format: Digital

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Nashville, Tennessee based masters of dark, anthemic electronic music PreCog suddenly withdrew from making music in January 2019 but return with a collection of previously unreleased tracks to mark the closing of this chapter of the band with the album Valediction.

Having released two critically acclaimed albums, Are We Lost? and Pareidolia in 2016 and 2017, respectively, the news posted by the band in January 2019 that they could no longer continue was a shock for their fans and the alternative music scene, such was the quality of the music they were making.

The trio had been prolific in their period of writing process, building up to the release of Pareidolia to the point where several finished tracks existed, destined not to be heard or only played live on one or two occasions.

Gerald talks about the tracks for Valediction: “It’s a collection of tracks that were written after Are We Lost for Pareidolia that didn’t quite fit the artistic intentions for the last album. I wouldn’t call them B sides as some of them are my favourite songs that we have written together, it’s a whole new album for you to partake in.”

The resulting album of fourteen carefully chosen tracks provides a fitting epilogue to the band’s endeavours, full of the enigmatic synth work, emotive arrangements, and Jason’s superbly expressive vocal delivery that PreCog was known for and yet an album that feels markedly different to Pareidolia.  A fitting coda to the band’s catalogue.