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Release Date: 23rd of August, 2019
Catalogue Number: AT0077
Format: Digital

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2019 has seen a lot of changes for Room 1985, with the departure of vocalist Sam Stone and the introduction of new singer and guitarist Ophir. However, none of this has hampered the band’s creativity, as you can hear on the stunning new single Sorry.

Built on the band’s previous electro-prog-rock sound, the track sees the trio expand their musical palette, journeying through rock from the 70s right up to the post-rock sounds of today; Ophir’s soaring, searing vocals and lyrics adding layers of pathos and passion to the song, giving it added energy and meaning.

Underpinning the whole thing is the powerful presence of John Hulse’s drumming, the percussive heartbeat of Room 1985. Here, his blend of muscular yet sensitive energy lends Sorry some surprising nuances. Think Phil Collins channelling his early Genesis and solo material simultaneously and you’ll know where he’s coming from.

Chris Crysand, the driving force behind the band, had this to say about Sorry: ‘The genesis of the song came about when Ophir was speculating about various concepts related to travel. From there, the lyrics grew into an exploration of what would happen if a man travelled back in time with good intentions. Despite his desire to fix past mistakes, he seems to have learned little from his subsequent life experiences and instead makes worse decisions’.

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“The Nottingham synth-prog act have an absolute doozy here, with a melodic post-rock feel coming through on top of the usual synth-prog they have released before.”Uber Rock