Shanghai Beach – Contamination

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Release Date: 31st of August, 2018
Catalogue Number: AT0054
Format: Digital

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Formed in 2014, Shanghai Beach is the solo project of Brooklyn, New York based Steven Salazar. It is a confection of dark, brooding synthpop and electronica inspired by dystopian art, Ridley Scott films, and old science fiction novels.

Salazar has performed all over the United States and Canada, and has written, recorded, and released two EPs and two full length albums; having performed in multiple acts across numerous genres since his entry into music in 2003.

Now, with the Contamination EP, Salazar’s obsession with vintage analogue synthesizers and passion for fusing them with modern progressive technology comes to the fore with an evolved, icy and dark sound inspired by an unsettling view of the future.

This is reflective, synth-driven electronica at its finest; with Salazar’s distinctive, rumbling vocal leading the listener through each of the EP’s four tracks.

Salazar describes the background to the EP:

Contamination was written when I was living in Austin, Texas in 2017 and beginning of 2018. Inspiration for the EP came from all types of mediums: from traveling long distances in between towns, watching terribly written B-list horror films, to not having power in the house I lived in for six months and a healthy dose of learning about cults.

Contamination is a piece of time that was endured and changed who I was as an artist and as a human being, coupled with an understanding of what is to come.”