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Release Date: 9th of November, 2018
Catalogue Number: AT0062
Format: Digital

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Well, that’s certainly one way to kick start a riot … Having teased a ‘big’ and ‘violent’ second LP for almost a year now, St Lucifer return – trailering the main event with not one, but two EPs – containing 8 new tracks across the two releases and showcasing the sheer range of sonic tricks and surprises now at their disposal.

The second EP kicks off with Raise The Dead – a slice of ‘scene-point’ electro pop – More Lebanon Hanover than BurzumErasure (thanks in no small point to a guest vocal from Still Forever’s Amy Griffiths) – exorcism is most definitely ‘the thing’ here, with an acerbic vocal aimed back at several real and/or imagined emotional trauma sites.

Lead guitarist Charlotte Winchcombe then steps up with the equally personal yet powerful Falling Not Dancing. Again, unlike anything the band have recorded previously, the proto-Rush guitars are filtered and stretched onto a driving motorik backbeat – the future sound of something very different.

Rounding off the set are two – appropriately – radical remixes from labelmates PreCog (who transform album track Suffocate into a ‘last-night-at-Infest-if-not-earth-altogether’) floor filler, while Rodney Cromwell takes live favourite Six Bathyspheres and takes it into an altogether different place – with more than a little touch of classic Martin Hannett echo chamber-pop.

Raise the Dead is scheduled for release on the 9th of November before their new album Music is Violence drops on the 23rd of November. Watch this space.