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Release Date: 21st of December, 2018
Catalogue Number: AT0065
Format: Digital

Information //

Consistently creative and hot on the heels of their last single Magic, international electropop duo and summer 2018 signings to AnalogueTrash The Frixion have produced yet another sublime sensation in the form of What We Gonna Do?

Gene Serene (who has worked with S’Express, Traumschmeire and Calvertron) and Lloyd Price (who has produced for artists such as Massive Ego and Sigue Sigue Sputnik) whip up a dark and brooding tone on the track, Gene’s soothingly heartfelt vocals lending it an air as melancholy as it is beautiful.

Lloyd works his musical magic as only he knows how, crisp and current with an underlying sense of impending drama to it, yet with an undercurrent of reassuring familiarity to draw the listener in.

Broodingly intense and devastatingly emotive; this is a quiet storm of a song which takes catchy hooks and a stunning chorus to deliver something that’s as original as it is memorable.

The digital single includes a remix by labelmates and electronica wizards Vieon, which sees Matt Wild bring out the light melodies, pulsating bass and purity of vocals that serve as foundations of the original, marrying them to his signature sound and style.