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Release Date: 15th of June, 2018
Catalogue Number: AT0049
Format: Digital

Information //

Vain Machine return for 2018 with a reimagining of the classic KISS song I Was Made For Lovin You, available as a free download on Bandcamp and on all good streaming services.

Part of the diverse catalogue of artists on the AnalogueTrash label based in Manchester, UK; the band strongly believes in the label’s motto of “No Boundaries. No Scenes.” and it is really evidenced here with this track’s juxtaposition of styles, eras and influences.

Vain Machine producer and frontman Omar Quinones had this to say about their choice of track:

“We spent a long time going back and forth deciding if we really wanted to remake a classic song for our live set. We finally decided this would be a fun track to cover, then later decided to officially release it as a free download.

We wanted to do something special for our fans and felt this would be a great way to say ‘thank you for supporting us’.

I personally also wanted to do something we hadn’t done before and working closely with Anthony Trujillo and Derek de Lang on this remake took it in a unique direction.

With that said; I am even more excited about the new music that will be released later this year – watch this space.”