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Release Date: 24th December, 2015
Catalogue Number: AT0025
Format: Digital / CD

Information //

AnalogueTrash are proud to present the second volume of their Label Sampler series.

Featuring tracks from the label’s diverse roster of local and international artists; this free or pay-what-you-want compilation includes new material and exclusive remixes from Machinista (Sweden), Neonsol (Denmark), Advance (UK), IIOIOIOII (USA), Vain Machine (USA), Atomzero (Canada), Vieon (UK), FoxxyNewport (USA), Factory Acts (UK) and many more.

2015 has been a great year for AnalogueTrash with label debuts from ded.pixel, Machinista, Vain Machine and IIOIOIOII as well as releases from Atomzero and Advance, the launch of our new website and a successful one day festival in June which saw Manchester live debuts from Machinista, Neonsol and Dreams Divide.

2016 will see new releases from Vieon, Advance, Dreams Divide, FoxxyNewport and many more (including the label’s first releases on vinyl!) as they continue to champion and promote eclectic and innovative electronic music for another year.

If you like what you hear, please do check out the artists’ other releases via,Bandcamp and all good digital stores and streaming services.