Various Artists – AnalogueTrash: Label Sampler Vol. 4

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Release Date: 21st of December, 2018
Catalogue Number: AT0064
Format: Digital

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A lot has changed for AnalogueTrash since the last volume of our sampler series hit the digital shelves. The roster has grown in size, now featuring 22 separate acts based in the U.K., Denmark, Germany, America, Canada and Japan.

As we’ve grown, so have the bands – many now being headliners in their own right, making festival appearances, gaining footholds with mainstream audiences and garnering critical acclaim, all the while keeping true to their own musical visions.

Holding fast to our ethos of ‘No Boundaries. No Scenes.’ the range of musical styles released by the label and its acts has widened considerably.

There’s still futurepop, electronica and post-punk to be heard, but progressive and alt rock, trip hop, beat poetry and electropunk have all been thrown into the mix as well; as we seek to capture and promote more of the creativity and scope that our artistic community has to offer.

Collaborations and standalone events continue to be a cornerstone of our live and club offerings, with everything from intimate gigs in underground venues and club nights to multi day festivals, all playing their role in sharing our love of grassroots music with as wide an audience as possible.

Our blog continues having been brought under the overall AT banner, while AT Radio goes from strength to strength. One of us has even become a poacher turned gamekeeper by joining a label band!

With releases on an almost a monthly basis and our scouts always keeping an ear out for new and exciting sounds, the future looks bright for the AT collective.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that whilst Vol. 4 along with the other samplers can still be downloaded for free via Bandcamp, any sales or streaming royalties gained will from these releases be donated to Refugee Action – a fantastic charity that supports and campaigns for the rights of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants across the UK.

This sampler represents the next generation and very much the future of AnalogueTrash, containing a selection of new, exclusive and back catalogue tracks from almost our whole roster.

Here’s to a great 2019. Thanks for being along for the ride.