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Release Date: 9th of March, 2018
Catalogue Number: AT0045
Format: Digital

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Merging a futuristic and eminently danceable electronic sound with nods to classic synthesizer soundtracks and themes, Coventry-based Vieon were invited to play record label AnalogueTrash’s 8th birthday party at AATMA, in the label’s hometown of Manchester.

Recorded on the night, Live in Manchester chronicles Vieon’s extended 2017 live show, played to a rapturous audience in one of Manchester’s most prominent DIY venues.

From new concert opener High Concept, through latest single Fly By Light, to their unique cover of Jean-Michel Jarre’s Equinoxe Pt. 4 mixed into crowd-favourite Vieon dance classic Starfighter, the set documents the breadth and depth of their engrossing and atmospheric live spectacle.