In Review: Albino 9 – Introvert

  • In Review: Albino 9 - Introvert

Introvert is the third full length album from Los Angeles based Albino 9, a narrative of textured rhythms with unexpected melodic pairings, leading the listener on a journey across eleven tracks.

Opening track Transfer of Power gets straight to business with a pulsing rhythm that draws you in with anticipation. Grinding bass juxtaposed with clear piano melodies incite an impossibly simultaneous urge to both move, and to sit very, very still. The dissonance of Melting follows like a sliding steel door, increasing the desire to move, but with a feeling of near urgency. The toe tapping techno bass of Symph layered with melodic piano notes. The slow, gliding melodies of Peripeteia Part 1 with it’s melancholic feel combining sharp synth stabs again with that touch of not-quite-expected piano which threads through the album, like aural synapses, beautifully connecting aspects of one track to the next.

The album is a wealth of sound and emotion throughout, with no feeling of repetition or filler, but equally, there’s a clear storyline present and the album possesses a masterful flow from beginning to end. The idea that music can contain such clarity without spoken language is a relatively recent revelation for me, to my own shame. Coming from a background in visual art, it should always have been obvious that words are necessary to the telling of a story, since that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with a camera for two decades. Perhaps it’s a side effect of having become interested in music production myself, perhaps it’s a symptom of being introduced to music over the past couple of years which has newly opened my eyes (or ears). Whatever it is, the fact is that for much of my life, the idea of instrumental music has left me cold. Now, I hear work like this, and want to give my former self a swift clip round the ear.

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