In Review: CRYSTALBOY – Phantom Frame

  • In Review: CRYSTALBOY - Phantom Frame

It seems odd starting a review by singling out the production values of an album, but boy do they stand out here. Track after track of clean, well produced and shiny electronic goodness await the listener on Phantom Frame  – the latest album from Preston based artist Crystalboy.

Musically the album is heavily indebted to Japanese electro with its relentless barrage of ear-worming, high tempo, quality pop hitting you from the offset.  The album takes you on a joyride through j-pop and electro, with elements of k-pop and a bit of 8-bit all cooked up in to one sexy and glamorous package of pulsating, floor filling electro. There are even elements of trance and futurepop in the mix as well, which I was not expecting.

On the whole with Phantom Frame, Crystalboy has created a great template for forward looking and sounding electro: heavy on hooks and infectious beats but also remembering that a song and more importantly a tune are needed to back those up. Everything about this album is top notch, from imagery to production to the track list – and the status updates in the track titles are a nice concept. Phantom Frame a great way to start the New Year – get it now via iTunes.

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