In Review: Goldfrapp – Anymore

  • In Review: Goldfrapp - Anymore

There is nothing and no one in electronic music sexier than Alison Goldfrapp. Certainly not in the vocal department. You can argue with me about that if you want, but you’d be wrong.

Did that get your attention? Good! Read on.

While she (and the rest of the band) have been active touring and making music, the last thing that really struck a bell with yours truly was 2010’s Rocket with 2013’s Tales of Us being a softer, gentler sound that – while showcasing her extraordinarily sensual vocal abilities – did not invoke much in the way of foot tapping, head bobbing or generally electronic thumpiness, as previously showcased in the band’s extensive back catalogue.

Well, not – ahem – Anymore – it seems like we may have got the Old ‘Frapp (see what I did there?) back with this new release and it’s a welcome surprise – the thump is back and the wonderfully distorted bass synth that is a trademark of their more upbeat sound makes a welcome appearance like an old friend that you’ve not seen for ages and of course, Alison Goldfrapp’s vocals purr, growl and soar over the top of it all as only she can do.

This is a sparking return to form. Here’s hoping the upcoming album Silver Eye, due in March, lives up to this excellent start.

2017 may be a very good year!

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