In Review: Hausfrau – Trivial Pursuits

  • In Review: Hausfrau - Trivial Pursuits

I have heard your electronic musical future, and it’s Hausfrau.

More specifically, it’s the Trivial Pursuits EP, which has, admittedly been knocking about since October, but is now very much in the spotlight here and now.

Hausfrau – aka Claudia Nova – evokes memories of Abe Fenton, Danielle Dax, early Human League, Joy Division, Curve and The Cure with her deliciously dark and playful musical styles here, and each of the 4 tracks on the EP leaves you with that wonderful notion of wanting to find more of her work (which you can find in her 2014 release Night Tides).

My personal favourite on the EP is the title track Trivial Pursuits, which has an ending that’s so acidly funny and stark that it actually made me spit my coffee when I first heard it.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is an amazingly dark electronic minimalist version of the old Wang Chung track Dance Hall Days that actually – to me anyway – is much more fun than the marmite-like original.

The two other tracks, Uptight and Flesh of My Flesh soundcase wonderful production, well placed clever sampling and excellent sonics.

Go out and get this EP, then sit and listen to it on headphones in a dark room.

You’ll thank me for telling you to do so.

Really, you will.

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