In Review: Miumi – In Static

A review of a now more than 2-year-old album by an unknown German electronica band – why would anyone spend their time to write that? The answer is as simple as it is striking: Because it is, in fact, really really good. Why? Let me tell you why! Welcome to the world of MIUMI’s 2016 debut LP IN STATIC.

MIUMI are a German music collective with a strong root in visual and auditive art. After several EP releases the Band started the 8-year production journey that lead to IN STATIC, a heavyweight debut album and the bands most recent output to date.

Defining an album like IN STATIC in terms of genre appears to be a quiet complex task as the records tone quickly shifts from Ebb and Flows’ claustrophobic soundscape electronica to Nine Inch Nails – esque industrial guitar pieces with an extra pinch of electronically synthesized salt (“Drift”). The 7-track long LP features a flashback – inducing variety of different musical influences. From early “Trentemøller” drum grooves (“Nice. Go Far”) over “Boards of Canada” style pseudo-nostalgic synth – and voice-samples (“With her in Oostende”) to “Chemical Brothers” infused vocal deliveries (“Ebb and Flow”) – MIUMI, sometimes rapidly, change style several times within the at average 6-minute-long compositions.

This broad cluster of sounds is tied together by a variety of clangorous, ambient drones and other transcendental acoustic experiments. Therefore, IN STATIC is an album best to be enjoyed as a continuous headphone listen to get fully absorbed in the dark void of a musical universe it represents.

It’s hard to tell what the appeal of MIUMI’s music is – It’s dark, twisted, haunting and yet oddly beautiful in its own, sometimes abstract, way. It’s music that feels bigger than yourself. It’s music that has an almost philosophical quality to it by saying a lot with little words. If you’re looking for a light, easy listen to accompany your Sunday morning meditation: move on. If you’re at all interested in noisy, challenging electronic music with strong post-rock vibe there’s just one thing left for you to do:

Put your headphones on, press play and “Drift away”!

The first 4 Tracks of “IN STATIC” are available for streaming Soundcloud – the full double LP (+ Download code) is available on the Band’s website.

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