In Review: Juliette

  • In Review: Juliette

This is a little bit of a gem from Seattle based musician Scott Kulicke. Recording under the name Juliette, his EP of the same name serves up some fine slices of guitar edged indie pop with hefty electronic undertones.

Love You Anyway is a dollop of ice cream on a sunny day, reminding me of bands like Orange Juice, or early Aztec Camera. For those of you that remember Postcard Records, this is a track you will love. Kulicke’s voice has an interesting timbre to it – a kind of sweet, broken sound.

Welcome To The Tangerine Dance Club continues in a similar vein, but with more focus on movement  compared to the first track. Mexico has a more synthpop feel to it, but again with a smooth and soothing jangly guitar; whilst Raspberry Lemonade  rounds the EP off with a gentle ambient infused number than could lull you to sleep. It’s like a love song without words.

Overall it’s a lovely EP (are you allowed to call music lovely?), and if you have a yearning for jangly indie funk pop stylings or if you just like high quality synth influenced indie, then this is worth checking out.

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