In Review: Midnight Mystery Club – Reason or Rhyme

  • In Review: Midnight Mystery Club - Reason or Rhyme

Californian David Newell is the artist behind Midnight Mystery Club, who recently released their latest album, Reason or Rhyme. Read Mark’s review here.

Ten tracks of rather sublime synthpop and electro pop, it opens strongly with Richest Man in the World which is very easy on the ear with vocals that remind me of Phil Collins and a vibe that made me think that I was listening to an unreleased Steely Dan dance remix!  Shine on You and Calling Me continue in a similar vein, creating an upbeat midtempo pop sounds that brings a smile to my face.

On True Love and Home things take a more of a pop-soul turn, all moody synths and piano riffs that are catchy and memorable. Orange County and Palm Springs change the mood a bit, with both tracks bringing a chilled Daft Punk feel to the album, but with as the rest of the album, Newell’s vocals make the tracks mellow but upbeat affairs.

The title track, Reason or Rhyme is an 80’s style pop ballad with echoes of 10cc and chart-topping era Genesis. Rounding off the album are Run and Alright which are again pitched somewhere between French disco and AOR. Overall Reason or Rhyme a great album, managing to mix sounds and influences I’d not have imagined possible and making each track sound fun, accessible and very classy, with not a weak track on the album.

Rhyme or reason is out now and available to stream on Spotify and to purchase via Bandcamp and other digital stores.

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