In Review: Post Pines – Past Eyes

  • In Review: Post Pines - Past Eyes

Dripping with an icy ambience that seduces the ear with dangerous places and thoughts, Past Eyes  is a mesmerising and disturbing  four track EP from Sweden’s Post Pines. Read Mark’s review here.

It’s very much a journey where you don’t realise the music is carrying you along until it is too late to escape it’s haunting and rhythmic tones – music to remove one from the world,  looking in at humanity with a confused and detached eye.

Past Eyes is less an EP, more a work of four parts, drawing you in to its dark and textured world as it slowly builds a disconcerting and ominous atmosphere. It’s very much a part of the Nordic leftfield approach to electronica and is one of the best examples of that genre this year.

The EP opens with the previously heard Moon,  followed by Blood, with its wordless atmospheric scene setting drives along with a seductive and futuristic tone.  Grain has a an emotional bleakness  leading us on to Now Hold which creates the feeling of being an observer of life, not a participant.

All in all it is a beautiful and disturbing piece of art. Past Eyes is releases via Meraki Force today.


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