In Review: The Fantastic Plastics – Invasion

  • In Review: The Fantastic Plastics - Invasion

You may remember that recently we featured a track called TV Head by Brooklyn-based  duo The Fantastic Plastics. Well, their new EP Invasion has just dropped on Altercation Records and here’s what we thought about it.

It’s a spunky blend of new wave guitars, driving drum beats and some noticeable homages to 1950s and 1960 science fiction effects bubbling away, just within hearing. The lyrics are incisive with male/female vocal harmonies that interplay and really build on the quirky and enjoyable retro-futuresque sound that we’ve already heard and grown to love.

There’s a definite B52s vibe going on here – in the best possible way – and the frantic guitar work on the EP (particularly prevalent on Braintrust) gives it a real sense of urgency and adventure as you listen through the five tracks.

Overall, Invasion is a very tight, very fun and very clever piece of work, with some great sounds and instrumentation reinforcing some really enjoyable and memorable lyrics and vocals. Give it a listen.

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