With her second EP SEETHRU on the way, Texas-based artist Abby Cole serves up an energising slice of  electro on featured song The Speed of Time. You can watch the video for the song below.

As the artist herself says below, there’s a strong Grimes energy from The Speed of Time, with rich electronic and Gothic tones to the fore at times. She differs in sound and style from the Canadian artist here because while the song is indeed heavily electronic in nature, it radiates an organic, analogue warmth, adding to the intense humanity and empathetic theme present in the lyrics. Compared to much modern electropop, The Speed of Time is a more intimate, contemplative listening experience.

Cole says about The Speed of Time, “Unlike my previously-released music, this introduces a much heavier electronic sound, inspired by other electronic producers like Grimes, Grace Ives, or Oklou. This song in particular, with somewhat anxiety-inducing repetition, acts as an intro to the dark, existential tone of the EP, commenting on growing into young adulthood in a pandemic-ridden, socially-unstable world, and feeling like I can do nothing to stop it.”

The Speed of Time can be streamed on all major platforms, including Bandcamp and Spotify. Follow Abby Cole on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, where you can discover more about the artist and the SEETHRU EP.