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New Music: Bonander – Backseat

Ellinor Sterner Bonander is the musician behind Bonander, and what is possibly one of the most fantastic song titles ever – Quit Everything and Become a Princess. You can read what we thought of it here. Her new single Backseat is a more intimate affair but has just as much impact.

New Music: Torch the Hive – Copaganda

Torch the Hive is Mike Fruel, Tyler Sanders, and Eric Marciano, a trio who says they were energised in part by opposition to Donald Trump. Currently working on their first full-length LP Flamingo, new track Copaganda is a taste of what’s to come.

New Music: Alex Whiler – Golden Hour

Beautiful songs sometimes have difficult births, and that’s something that can be said for Golden Hour, a new song from Portland, Oregon-based musician Alex Whiler. You can listen to the song below on Spotify.

New Music: Magazines – Pink and Blue

Dublin alt/indie quartet Magazines – Cath on vocals and guitar, Shayne on guitar, Tom on bass, and Dan on drums – follow the dreamy lo-fi sounds of Happy Alone (you can read about it here) with another gem of a song, Pink and Blue.

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