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New Music: July Jones – 2020 Girls

London-based July Jones says 2020 Girls marks the end of an era musically. Now working with producers Sacha Skarbek (Adele, Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus), Naughty Boy and Raul Refree (Rosalia), she demonstrates what attracted them to her sound and vision.

New Music: Kayls – Bend & Bow

Kayls says her motivation for making music came in part from wanting an iPod when at summer camp.  “I got into making music because I didn’t want to live my life bribing other people for my own happiness. This whole thing is a metaphorical quest to get my own iPod.” Songs like Bend & Bow show we should be grateful she continues with that quest.

New Music: Felix Räuber – AUTSIDER

Singer, composer, and producer Felix Räuber has explored his past as a child in the GDR (East Germany) on his new single AUTSIDER. You can watch the video from the former frontman of Polarkreis 18 below.

New Music: ViVii – Rendezvous

A search on the blog will tell you how much we like Sweden’s ViVii. It’ll be no surprise to you then that we’ve fallen for the Swedish trio’s latest track, Rendezvous.

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