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New Music: Promise and the Monster – Beating Heart

The tastemakers of fine Nordic pop that are the Icons Creating Evil Art record label have delivered another gem in the form of  Promise and the Monster (Billie Lindahl) and the understated mood music of their track Beating Heart.

New Music: Bonander – Backseat

Ellinor Sterner Bonander is the musician behind Bonander, and what is possibly one of the most fantastic song titles ever – Quit Everything and Become a Princess. You can read what we thought of it here. Her new single Backseat is a more intimate affair but has just as much impact.

New Music: Torch the Hive – Copaganda

Torch the Hive is Mike Fruel, Tyler Sanders, and Eric Marciano, a trio who says they were energised in part by opposition to Donald Trump. Currently working on their first full-length LP Flamingo, new track Copaganda is a taste of what’s to come.

New Music: Alex Whiler – Golden Hour

Beautiful songs sometimes have difficult births, and that’s something that can be said for Golden Hour, a new song from Portland, Oregon-based musician Alex Whiler. You can listen to the song below on Spotify.

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