Though the track may seem like a collaboration, august park and Cardnl are in fact the same person, 21-year-old Troy McFarland. A move to a new musical project sees his cross over with the release of flashes of light & color.

Smooth tones, glitchy beats and a music box rhythm to the song give it a quaint air of nostalgia, but they also create a rich confluence of soul, early hip-hop, and quirky indie moments. The vocals layer on the sense of unquantifiable loss and pain that comes from change, giving you an insight into McFarland’s soul and memories.

Says McFarland about the song and upcoming album, “I started working under the name august park during the summer of 2019, flipping some old Cardnl songs into a different sound while experimenting with bolder styles of production on new tracks. The album, byenow, began to take shape that summer up in South Bend, IN., where I was working at my university. After an eight-to-five day, I’d retreat into the basement bedroom of the condo I was living in, and record. Most of the writing pertains to that summer: feelings of boredom and loneliness, reflections on the first years away from home, and the sentimental fallout of new adulthood.”

You can catch up with august park over on Instagram and Twitter. flashes of light & color is out now via Bonfire Records – click here for more listening options.