New Music: Cazzi Opeia – WiId Ones

  • New Music: Cazzi Opeia - WiId Ones

Sweden’s Cazzi Opeia has delivered up something special in Wild Ones, to the point where it tops even Batman & Robin – her previous release with Jin X Jin. Where the last release was heavy on bubble-gum fun, Wild Ones is a slightly more sedate, esoteric and emotional number.

Opeia lets her voice run thought it’s full range on Wild Ones, demonstrating how easily she can convey emotion and empathy with each nuance.

The pitch shifting serves to accentuate her performance not artificially enhance it, additionally the melody and lyrics gives the listener the sensation of being sung to sleep, like a lullaby for world weary adults.

Wild Ones is out now, and can be streamed and downloaded on all major digital platforms, you can get more details be clicking on this link.

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