New Music: Chemistry Lane – Mirrored Wall

  • New Music: Chemistry Lane - Mirrored Wall

Chemistry Lane are a quintet based in Chester, England, formed in 2011 and featuring Simon Jones (Vocals / Guitar), Tom Scargill (Guitar), Sam Pritchard (Guitar / Synthesizer), Dan Pritchard (Bass / Synthesizer) and Sean Stockton (Drums / Sampler / Synthesizer).

Mirrored Wall is their most recent release, an accomplished piece imbued with the spirit of psychedelia and krautrock, and absorbed in classic new wave sounds.

Chemistry Lane describe their music as aiming to ‘bridge the gap between the intensity and momentum of a rock band and the clinical electro loops of dance floor hypnosis’.

On the evidence of Mirrored Wall, that’s something they certainly achieve. The track is currently streaming on Spotify as well as Soundcloud, and is released via Mai 68 Records with an album to follow.

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