New Music: Chersea – Murphy’s Law

  • New Music: Chersea - Murphy's Law

One of the great things about pop music is the way it enables artists to express and compress complex emotions and ideas in a short, accessible message – a wonderful example is Murphy’s Law by Chersea. Some may find the video upsetting.

Released via Fierce Panda Canada, the song comes from her upcoming In Limbo album and is a wonderful example of her ability to marry her songwriting, production and storytelling skills in four minutes of perfect pop.

Chersea’s vocals have a light, yet soulful quality as the arrangement takes elements of downtempo, electropop and RNB, mixes up delicious loops and beats, and turns them in to something accessible and catchy; capturing a very universal message in a sensitive, relatable approach.

Chersea had this to say about the song: “Murphy’s Law seeks to join in the conversation of victim liberation, explaining how we must try to understand those who have experienced similar traumas. It intends to restore faith and provide a new perspective in the system of victim support. Hopefully with that new perspective, “whatever can go wrong will go wrong” can eventually evolve into “whatever does go wrong will be acknowledged, understood, and righted by society”.

You can get more information on how to stream or download Murphy’s Law here. Be sure to check out her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for news of gigs and the new album.

Photo by Lindsey Blane

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