It’s rare for us to cover two tracks by a band in such a short period of time, but after hearing Shame from the Covered in Snow EP Collateral Damage, it was a temptation that was too hard to resist.

We’ve commented before on how they occupy a similar musical and emotional territory to Kite, but here the duo show that their lush take indietronica has a greater scope than that simple comparison. Hints of downtempo and festival-friendly indie rock are infused with a sensitive and human ambience, letting the hooks slowly work their way into your soul.

The track could easily have gone down the anthem route, making the track a sing-along banger, but instead they’ve kept that at bay, allowing the vocals and lyrics to shine through like a moral  lighthouse in uncertain emotional times.

Shame and the Collateral Damage EP are out now, streaming on Spotify as well as Soundcloud and are also available digital outlets such as GooglePlay and iTunes. For more information on that, new music and more from Covered in Snow, be sure to throw them a follow on Facebook.