Cardiff quintet Crystalline embodies the best of rock n roll passion that the UK has to offer right now. To top that off, lead singer Eva Mullen also lends the band a strong musical and visual presence, creating an exciting and inticing musical package. You can hear and see that in the band’s first-ever video, made to accompany their track Sweet Tooth.

There’s a Gothic metal cum pop-rock quality to Mullen’s voice that lifts the track way above its sonic peers. Think Sharon den Adel and Avril Lavigne and you’ll get an idea of the blend of power and warmth on display as she fronts a track that is a powerful slice of anthemic yet sweeping melodic rock. Hooks and riffs underpin that sense of energy and majesty, meaning Sweet Tooth pulls off that tricky feat of being a rock song that also retains an accessible, almost poppy sound with consummate ease.

Crystalline’s Sweet Tooth is out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including iTunes. For more details, check the band out over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and maybe throw them a follow to keep up with news about the song, live dates, upcoming releases and more.