French born but now living in East Los Angeles, reclusive musician Death Hags has delivered a song to stir the soul in Electrochemical Communication – a song she says is a ‘meditation on gnosis, alchemy and post-human utopia’. Check out the song below.

Gnosis is a theological and philosophical concept I can’t claim to fully understand, but the track does give me some kind of insight, as she sings ‘Je parle. J’entends’ – ‘I talk, I listen’ – and goes on to explore how we do this and what that means for us as well as our beliefs.

Stripped down percussion and breathy vocals deliver the emotion of the track and work as a counterpoint to the dark, throbbing bass line and moody synths. The smooth blend of post-punk and coldwave creates a welcome sense of warmth and intelligence can often be missing in this sometimes almost non-human genre.

Electrochemical Communication can also be streamed on Soundcloud and purchased on Bandcamp.