We bought tickets for Drab Majesty’s Manchester gig as soon as it was announced, and were quite lucky to get them. As a cult band that hovers around but ultimately avoids the mainstream, their popularity is very much on their own terms, as you can tell from Out of Sequence.

Their look matches their sound, 80s via the 60s and an imagined Liza Minelli-flavoured androgynous future. Uncertain, blurring genres and expectations, creating a dreamy confusion and louche lushness. At times however, the arrangement presents with a stylised hyper-reality, clean and almost sterile, working against the vocals to reinforce song’s phantasmagorical presence.

Out of Sequence is out now and is the fourth single from the newly released album Modern Mirror.  You can pick up the album on Bandcamp and get information on how to stream or download it via the band’s Facebook page or Dias Records.