New Music: Echo of the Ghost – Violent Circus

Echo of the Ghost is a NYC duo led by composer Emiliano Melis and violinist Claudia Chopek. The duo cites influences like synthpop, industrial, and EDM as being the integral to their unique sound, but their classical backgrounds shine through that electronic foundation, as you can hear on Violent Circus.

It’s a hard song to categorise, with hints of the left-field blend of Mittelalte, classical and electronic music made popular in Europe by acts like Qntal and Sopor Aeternus woven in to the track. But’s there’s a greater level of warmth, accessibility and an almost pop sensibility present on Violent Circus that gives it a greater sense of immediacy and intimacy.

It feels like the opening salvo in what will be a long an interesting exploration of music and emotion, and having listened to their new album, Echo of The Ghost are sure to make impression with a wide range of musical audiences.

Violent Circus is out now via Brooklyn label Mother West and features on the duo’s new album Broken Darkness which is currently streaming on iTunes and  Spotify.

Photo by Gemma Fleming.

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