Hailing from Huddersfield in the UK, electro-wizard Eqavox (Ryan Garner) spreads his wings wide in terms of musical output. With tracks that have gone from chiptune to synthpop in the past, he shows real lyrical and musical subtlety on Heartbeat.  

I do love a good genre mashup, but only when they go well, and Garner has succeeded on that score with considerable ease. The vocal flow has a very Chester Bennington quality, the emotions in the lyrics amplified and accentuated with each infection.

There’s a Linkin Park undercurrent in the track for sure, but that’s filtered through an electronic lens and that combination, along with some subtle nods to chiptune and dubstep, all combine to serve up a song that is as dramatic as it is personal.

Ryan had this to say about Heartbeat: ‘This song was written and recorded after a long period of depression and anxiety took hold of me. I feel like the song represents me coming out of the other end of the tunnel stronger. To me, it’s symbolic of feeling alive again.’

Heartbeat is out now and can be stream on all major digital outlets and is available for download on Bandcamp. For news on gigs and new releases, you can catch up with Eqavox on Twitter and Facebook.