New Music: Fanclub – Stranger

  • New Music: Fanclub - Stranger

Following up on the recent release of Reflection, Austin trio Fanclub (Mike Lee, Leslie Crunkilton, and Daniel Schmidt) have created quite the stir with Stranger – another track from their upcoming All the Same EP.

Bubblegum indie and dreampop take a swerve to Athens, Georgia, inviting comparison with REM and The B-52s. Not so much in the overall sound but more in the way the track uses the vocals and arrangement as well as the reflective tone to the lyrics to paint a vivid picture, to set the scene as if the listener is actually an audience of one at a Bergman movie.

But at its core Stranger is sublime heartbreak pop, soothing the soul as it applies the universalities of life to the more personal, private moments. It’s not hard to see and hear why the trio have been streaming sensations on Spotify and Soundcloud.

The song is out now, streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify and more, whilst the All the Same EP is currently up for pre-order via Berlin based label Friendly Reminder in digital as well as a limited edition cassette run. It is due for release on 23rd January 2019.

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