New Music: Featherfin – Keep on Walking

  • New Music: Featherfin - Keep on Walking

Norwegian musician Featherfin (Knut B. Lindbjør) cites shoegaze, psychedelic music, krautrock, post punk and more as the main influences on his hazy contemplative sound. Check out the sunshine infused ambrosia that his new single, Keep on Walking.

He first started making music in his teens in his home town of Tromsø, but after a twenty-year gap caused by reality and all its ups and downs, he found his muse again in 2014. A subsequent series of single and EP release are culminating in the release of his debut album – Miles to go before I sleep – on 21st September.

There’s a sublime feel to the swirling ambiance of the track, one that leaves it inviting comparisons with early Primal Scream or the current output of The Horrors, taking as it does some of the more sombre tones of darkwave and marrying them with more ethereal, abstract sounds. On the basis of Keep on Walking alone, the album promises to be a pleasing and musically intriguing affair.

Lindbjør had this to say about the album and his musical inspiration in general:

“Debuting at the age of 48 is not very common, I guess, and especially not with a double CD. For me, it is kind of refreshing to release music as a middle-aged man.

When I was young, it was important to do everything right, having the “right sound and image” and there were certain sounds or styles that was almost forbidden for us to use. The dream of making it big was important.

Now my focus and ambitions are elsewhere, on improving, exploring, experimenting and learning. I love blending styles and yes, I use a lot of those forbidden sounds now. The dream of world domination is replaced with ‘very happy if someone listens’ “.

Keep on Walking is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp; and of Miles to go before I sleep is getting a physical a double CD release via Spain’s Kockliko Records.

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