California-based indie pop quartet Fialta’s second single of 2020 sees them take inspiration from two of the greatest Swedish pop legends: ABBA and Robyn. You can hear how they unite two classic artists from different eras on Modern Hero.

The song certainly has a very Scandipop quality to it. A bouncy melody grooves over a sensual bass line, giving the lead vocals – more Stevie Nicks than Agnetha – and divine harmonies added emotional energy. As you’d expect, the candyfloss confection of the arrangement underpins a more serious lyrical subject, giving Modern Hero the air of a classic sad banger anthem for millennials – and the rest of us.

Says Beth Leibovich, who sings lead vocals on the track, “When we wrote and recorded this song over a year ago, we were in a very different mental space than we are now. The lyrics are about discontentment with many aspects of modern life — tech bro culture, Instagram, online dating, the seemingly endless malaise experienced by millennials who are now in their thirties. We’re mocking ourselves a bit here. We contrasted the theme of the song musically with a retro, throw-back disco vibe. We’re big fans of Scandinavian power pop.”

Modern Hero will feature on the band’s next album and can also be streamed on Spotify. You can find out more about that, and discover the band and their music on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.