London/Seattle duo FKL (Joe Gillick and Sage Redman) met while studying at London’s prestigious art school Goldsmith University and say they began collaborating on music almost as soon as the met. Previously known as Funktionslust, the change in name has also seen a change in sound, from cold wave to a warmer but still electronic sound– check out 1-800 to hear more.

1-800 still has its roots in cold wave and synthwave, but the infusions of early house and techno influences have given their music a stronger individual identity, the driving percussion and bassline getting a human touch from Sage Redman’s vocals and the personal nature of the lyrics.

The track features on the now Seattle based duo’s new album Out of Tune, which they describe as a chronicle of their experience moving from London to Seattle. From Funktionslust, Joe and Sage opted for FKL, a shortened version of their previous name which they say is a reflection of the changes they’ve gone through in their personal lives.

1-800 and its parent album album were co-produced by Tim Goldsworthy (DFA, Massive Attack), who first met the pair after playing one of their Orphan. club nights, with the trio connecting musically and after hearing the anxiety-ridden track 1-800, they felt it was clear that they shared a common musical vision.

1-800 and Out of Tune are out now via their own label Orphan Records., the album also features Violence which we’ve previously featured. You can stream the full album on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.