A sublimely seductive affair, Hazy Strobes is taken from the new Fragrance album  Now That I’m Real, the track being a collaboration between French electronic artist Fragrance and Hante (Hélène de Thoury). Have a look at the video, which features clips from the 1930’s film (and then rather scandalous) Extase and lose yourself in a few minutes of pleasure.

The video is a perfect fit for the song which explores the darker corners of love and obsession, where sensuality and desire seem to overcome rational thought and possibly common sense. It’s those feelings that leave the protagonists unable to heal and move on, with the trapped in sadness, dealing with the consequences of their actions – or inaction.

The vocals marry a knowing tristesse with a tragic beauty, telling their story in a soft yet broken cadence – with so many unspoken emotions present like a ghost at a feast.

With a throbbing bassline that comes across like a breaking heart, and synths that glide between icy remove and loving embrace, the emotional intensity of Hazy Strobes is hard to bear at times, but that makes it an essential listen all the same.

Now That I’m Real is out now on Synth Religion, with limited edition gold vinyl, digipacks and digital available via Bandcamp. The album can be streamed or downloaded on all major digital platforms including Spotify.