Frida Sundemo has featured on tracks by Lindstrøm, Kasbo, and Morten over the years, as well as forging her own successful solo career. Her personal take on Nordic pop is something special, as you can tell from new single, Anything.

Sundemo very much has her own signature style. In essence, the vocals are a seamless fusion of the heart and the soul, lyrics that pierce the heart, and a crystal-clear production that brings out every nuance of the vocals and arrangement. The embodiment of the Nordic happy-sad sound, Sundemo always tends to the happier end of the spectrum. The comforting warmth inherent in her music generally and Anything specifically will melt even the iciest of hearts.

To get information on how to listen to Anything, just follow this link, with news on that as well as upcoming gigs and releases also via Sundemo’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter socials.