Nathan Till is the creative driving force behind Manchester-based darkwave act Ghosts of Social Networks. Inventive and musically curious, their sound pushes the boundaries of the genre in surprising directions. Have a listen to recent release My Lucifer and you’ll know what we mean.

The song has a darkwave heart, but it’s the layers and fusion of genres that helps My Lucifer stand out from the pack. Synthwave emotion bubbles away under the surface like a witch’s brew, infused with hints of goth legends The Cure but also the art-rock sounds of Muse and Radiohead.

With Till’s vocals and lyrics adding a touch of Brel-like magic to an already intoxicating mix, the song succeeds in lighting its own way in the sombreness and longing it effortlessly conjures up.

My Lucifer is out now via Integrity Records. You can find out more about Till and GOSN on Facebook and Twitter.

For live appearances, Till is joined on stage by long standing band members Nico Maccarinelli (drums), Andrea Gobbi (bass) and John Miles (guitar).