Scottish-born but now resident in France, Howie B pioneered the foundations and then the evolution of trip-hop over the years, as well as being the founder of Pussyfoot Records. Though well respected for his work as a producer of other acts as well as composing for the cinema, it’s as a musician he’s achieved fame and respect. One listen to Brass Is Brass and you’ll know why.

As the name suggests, the track features brass heavily – the trumpets burst forth like ballistics, coming off like something you’d expect in a chase scene for from a 70s cop film. And did I hear a tuba in there? I’m sure I did! Add in some languid beats, atmospheric though slightly ominous synths and the squelchiest (Is that even a word? It should be.) 808 sounds you’ll probably ever hear, then you get a song that deserves to be the soundtrack your summer.

Be sure to check out the video which features old school visual clips and mind-blowing graphics, a perfect companion to the track.

Brass Is Brass can be streamed on Spotify and major digital services. Catch up with news about the track and Howie B on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.