South Africa’s Hunter As a Horse (Mia van Wyk on vocals and guitar and Paul Gala on piano, synths and machines) have broken a two year silence in style with New Light and their third EP, Walk With Fire.

Mia van Wyk’s vocal performance lends the song a feeling of unhurried timelessness, evoking sonic memories of Dream Academy and Stereolab as her dulcet tones are embraced by the languid undulations of the arpeggiated melody and the straightforward but ever so seductive arrangement. A highlight of a very strong EP, it’s sure to delight old fans and new.

New Light is out now, streaming on Spotify as well as other digital outlets. For more information on the song, the Walk With Fire EP, new music and more from Hunter As a Horse, be sure to throw them a like on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram.