Brooklyn’s Hypoluxo has been through some tribulations in recent years. Not only has the band persevered, but they also seem to have thrived on adversity, if their new single Nimbus is anything to go by.

The song, which will feature on their eponymous third album – you can pre-order in on Bandcamp – is a tight and tense take on post-punk. While the pounding bass line brings a solid, occasionally sombre edge to the song, it also provides an impressive focal point. The jangling guitar, David Byrne style vocals, and flowing percussion are given the freedom to dance like moths to a flame, adding a hint of danger and unpredictability to their beauty.

Says singer Samuel Cogen about the track, “This past winter I picked up a bike delivery job for extra money. Not an easy job to do in the cold, occasionally rainy, New York winter. Easily the most annoying part of the job was how inconsistent the morning weather reports were. One day it poured for hours rather than the sunny day that was promised. While I hid in an overpriced upper west side bar soaking wet and feeling not very welcome by the wealthy older businessmen next to me, I started writing Nimbus.”

Nimbus is out now and is available to stream or download on Apple Music and Deezer. Be sure to check the band out over on Instagram or Facebook, where you can find out more about the band and the upcoming Hypoluxo album.

Photo by Henry Archer