With Jouska’s debut album Everything Is Good released on the 11th of September, the duo has dropped a final single from it in the form of Because I Really Don’t Mind. Have a listen below for a taster of the album.

They’ve called their sound ‘bedroom RnB’ and you can get hints of that here. But primarily, the song is light if not cosmic in tone, in large part to the intimacy of the vocals. 60s yé-yé and 80s classic synthpop feel like the prime influences, as a breezy pop veneer is slowly stripped back with each listen to reveal the darker themes of the lyrics.

Marit from the band says about the track, “Because I Really Don’t Mind is about feeling like an alien in a person suit. Sometimes it feels like everyone else in the world is a collective group of beings who form a community of which I’m not a part of. Like they don’t trust me, and I don’t trust them.”

Everything Is Good is out now via Koke Plate and be streamed on Spotify. Be sure to check Jouska out on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, where you can find more details on how to listen to the band’s music.