Australian producer and vocalist Kid Fiction has taken a radical but very pleasing change in direction on his latest track At The Mall – watch the modern fairy tale of a video, directed by Aislinn Lowe, below.

Described by Kid Fiction as ‘a think piece on the monotony of modern life’, the track evokes the eerie unreality of mall culture – in fact, life in general – in a consumerist society. Everything sounds almost right, almost poppy, almost soothing but it’s all constructed around a false premise: that what we are living or what we are hearing is normal and free, when in fact it’s the opposite.

The vocals are pitched right between studied ennui and bemused awe, making At The Mall is a very cleverly constructed song. As it delivers its message in that subtle, slightly unreal tone – it’s perfectly in keeping with the mix of the surreal and the mundane in the video.

At The Mall is out now, for details on how to stream and download the track click here, or head on over to Kid Fiction’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to discover more.