Toronto has a thriving electropop scene and Language Arts (led by Kristen Cudmore) operate in the more art pop end of that milieu. But, it’s still firmly in the pop camp, as you can hear on Against The Wind.

Their first single in five years, and also the first from the upcoming Lemon/Lime album, the song balances left field rhythms and poop hooks to perfection. Cudmore’s vocals lend the track a Scandinavian ambience, something amplified in the open nature of the lyrics.

The Nordic theme continues in the arrangement, light and lush in turn, driven along by a motorik percussion, gentle guitars and warm synths. At times offbeat but always engaging, on this showing alone the album promises to be rather special.

Against The Wind is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify. Lemon/Lime is due for release this coming September, so keep an eye on the Language Arts Facebook and Twitter accounts if you want to know more.