Cincinnati lush punk trio Leggy have teamed up with new label Sheer Luck Records to release their sophomore album Let Me Know Your Moon on March 8th 2019. Not coincidentally that’s also International Women’s Day.

It’s a real fairground ride of a song, part rollercoaster, part tunnel of love and part haunted house as it careers and croons its way through the complexities of relationships with an air of confidence that belies the doubt in the lyrics.

The track takes some musical references from the likes of Elastica and Belly, at times angular and full of attitude, then switching to a howl of rage and regret, as if mirroring a battle to stay in control of feelings and thoughts and occasionally failing to do so.

Veronique Allaer (guitar/vocals) had this to say about the album: “The most prominent theme in this album is a relationship where you have to take a step back and ask ‘Does this person water me? Do I water them?’ – meaning, do we help each other grow, are we good for each other? Is there anything more painful than realizing the person you love is no longer good for you?”

She says Eden contains the album’s title in its lyrics, adding that it draws ‘on the album’s motifs of questioning fate and how things like horoscopes have the potential to affect all of us – even if only as self-fulfilling prophecies’.

The album will be available in two vinyl formats: a clear with red and baby blue platter version which is limited to 100 copies and an opaque baby blue version which has a 500-piece run. There’s also going to be a cassette release so be sure to keep an eye on the band’s Facebook and Twitter for more info.