Copenhagen-based Løv Li says he loves both classical music – he has trained as a violinist at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory – and electropop. Those two worlds meet on his third single, Now You Know.

The immediacy and intimacy on display on Now You Know would normally be the strongest points of a pop song, and on a ballad such as this, those elements are very much to the fore. But Li’s voice is the heart and soul of the track: teenage heartache lives in every word and every inflection, though he also takes away some of the pain on display with his smooth and confident delivery. It’s hard not to fall for a song which expresses the anguish of lost love in so eloquent a fashion.

Now You Know is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms including Spotify. Why not show him some social media love on Instagram to keep up on news about new music and more.