Alt pop duo Lucky Iris put their own personal spin on the resurgence of electro-acoustic music, resulting in the production of a set of intimate silky tunes with a fresh aesthetic. Having released their debut EP Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home on the 25th of May, we asked the Leeds-based outfit to talk about themselves and their music.

What inspires you to write?
Our everyday experiences. One of the best things about music is being able to translate everything from the most mundane to the most painful experiences into a medium which everyone can appreciate. Whatever country you’re from or whatever language you speak, music can transcend through all of that, which is what I believe makes it so powerful!

What has been the biggest challenge in your career so far?
It was scary when Jasper and I decided to go ahead as a duo and write and release music just the two of us. We’d been in a larger band before and it was a big change. Also writing pop music was also new for us, which is why you may feel influences from other genres. But the response to our debut EP has been really great and although we were nervous at first, we’re pretty happy right now.

What has been the nicest thing ever written about you?
Personally, I just love it when people say they understand or can relate to the music we’ve released. It’s when they pick up on subtle themes within the tracks that aren’t always talked about that makes me smile.

Cassettes, CD, Vinyl, download or stream?
I do love and miss having physical copies of all my favourite music, whatever form, I do try my best but it is expensive… also I highly regret throwing out my pink and flowery cassette player. But vinyl does just feel that much more special and my earliest music memories include dancing in the living room to my dad’s record player and stealing his old records when I finally got my own!

How are the band carrying on during lock down?
Lots of tea and coffee. Lots of calls, emails and zoom meetings. Not enough sleep and too much sleep. We’re just staying in and trying out best like everyone else, and doing the most to promote our EP.

How has streaming changed the industry?
We get asked this question a lot and it is a tough one. Now we live in a world of streaming it seems unlikely that we’ll go back to everyone paying for tracks and albums individually. And that’s really, really tough on artists, but although we could talk about the positives and negatives all day. I guess it’s something we have to get used to!!

What would you change about the industry?
There will always be things that can and should be changed. But in an ideal world we’d like to see more support for lower level artists, whether that be funding for those who are disadvantaged, more airtime or just more opportunities in general! With that being said, there are some great organisations out there championing new artists, but I don’t think there would be harm in adding more.

Give us a few hints on what’s in store next for the band…
As we’re not able to go record any new music right now we do have the next best thing and that’s a stream of exciting new remixes, all of which are yet to be announced. So, watch this space…

Talk us through the idea behind the new tracks.

So, we announced Lucky Iris in April and released our music, in fact a whole concept EP Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home two weeks later! The EP is based around a night on the town that didn’t quite go to plan… it tells the story of this night through four pretty varied tracks, each describing a different point of the night, and each with a different feel. And we’d love for you to have a listen, like right now!!!

When will you feel like you achieved success as a band?
When we can support ourselves with what we can get from our music. Like a lot of musicians our dream is for this to be our job. We know it won’t be an easy one but it’s still the aim.

You can get details on how to listen to Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home here. You can find out more about the duo over on Twitter and Facebook.