New Music: M R Bennett – Home

  • New Music: M R Bennett - Home

M.R. Bennett’s Home is a beautiful, fragile work, a blend of folk like homilies and classical phrasing, taking the listener of a low key yet emotion journey. As Bennett simply puts it the track is about ‘A man. Lost. Trying to get home. Back to his love. His home’.

Speaking about their musical inspiration, Bennett goes on to say: ‘I have always said if music were food I would be morbidly obese and would right now be being airlifted from my bedroom by a crane with Arvo Part, Morton Feldman, The American songbook, and Bach records spilling from my mouth as I hungrily try to consume as much good sound as possible’.

Bennett adds, ‘Since that day, until now, I have been in search of My music. A music which continued the tradition of strong oak melodies while pursuing new worlds for them to grow in. And in the 3 years it took me to write and record my album In Light — I discovered it. I found stillness and slowness and a sensitivity to melodies that lean and ache against the harmony. I also found a truth in words which seems a simple thing to grasp but it took me a while to trust my grip. To completely change a great phrase by John Cage, “I have something to say and I am saying it… quietly”

Eloquent words for such heartfelt work! You can check on Bennett’s other releases on YouTube and an album entitled In Light is due for release later this year.

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