With its bewitching blend of 70s rock and post-punk pomp, Do You Love by machineheart grabbed our attention on the first listen. Watch the official video and see what you think?

The song, which is out now via Nettwerk Records, manages to sublimely and effortlessly take two seeming contradictory musical concepts and fuse them in to something new and exciting.

To the fore is the soft rock stylings of Fleetwood Mac circa Rumours – occasionally layered vocals replacing the harmonies but retaining that soft urgency and sense of penmanship that made that album an artistic success.

But wedded to that are some more dark tones as the bass rumbles along in an ominous fashion and the percussion reinforces that, providing the song with a solid, muscular spine.

Add in some subtle nods to the more introspective end of Scandinavian electropop and you get a song that’s richer, more rewarding and more reflective with each listen.

The band have just come off a series of gigs with The Horrors, as well as being support on the recent LANY tour, but be sure to keep an eye on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for news on more releases and live dates.