Introducing: Magdalena Bay

  • Introducing: Magdalena Bay

Though they’ve known each other since high school and have played in bands together in the past, Magdalena Bay only started making music as a duo as recently as last year. Described by our good selves as ‘a perfect confection of electropop and synthwave sounds’, the duo has consistently released quality intelligent pop over the last year or so, with their most recent single being the sparkly disco stomp Move Slow. Find out more about them, here.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. What’s the story behind Magdalena Bay and how would you describe your sound?

Magdalena Bay is made up of Mica Tenenbaum (songwriting/vocals) and Matthew Lewin (songwriting/vocals/production). We started Magdalena Bay together last year! Our music is an amalgamation of retro pop songwriting and contemporary production: future 90’s-throwback space pop.

What motivates you and inspires your music, aesthetic and vibe?

The challenge of making unique and exciting pop music definitely inspires us. We draw musical inspiration from a billion things! Sometimes it can be as specific as Madonna’s vocal delivery in the verse of Material Girl or as broad as an entire decade of music. In terms of aesthetic, pop is such a wonderfully visual genre. We love bringing our sonic elements to life with graphic nods to the 80s and 90s and just general visuals that express what our music’s about.

Do you have assigned roles on the creative side of things, or is it something that can change easily?

Our roles really change every day. Matthew is solidly our producer but everything in the songwriting realm changes with each song! At this point it’s hard to remember or outline who writes what because all the little ideas just build off each other when we send things back and forth.

You’ve played in bands together before, what brought you back together musically, and how is this project different from your previous work together?

We made music together in a rock band in high school and then stopped writing music for about a year or two when we went to different colleges. We reunited because of a newfound curiosity towards pop that sprung up in both of us. After listening to artists like Grimes and Carly Rae we felt so inspired to try something completely new and unfamiliar.

Could you tell us something about the inspiration behind your latest release Move Slow?

Move Slow is a dancey track unlike anything we’ve released before. It brings in some disco and indie elements that were so fun to experiment with! It actually began as a very different song that we took apart and built up again over several months. We were really inspired by the song’s chords and energy all along– it just took some reimagining of the melody and production to bring it to a place that did it justice.

What’s up next for Magdalena Bay? Is there more new music on the horizon, other projects?

There’s definitely more music on the horizon! We’re really focused on writing right now and have a ton of stuff in the works. Can’t wait to share!

Move Slow is out now, streaming on Spotify along with the band’s back catalogue and is also available for purchase on iTunes. The group are also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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